16 November 2014

Could the ‘Simplex’ system inhabit various spatial conditions?


A further development of the Simplex project, Spikloud deals with atmospheric surfaces and depth through edgy blurred silhouettes and well-articulated soft masses. It is intentionally pure white while subtly disclosing a gradation from light to dark within the wrinkled dark depths of the cells. Spikloud is an expandable cellular object that is built up from many single layers that are attached to generate a thickened shell. The object can adapt to many geometrical scenarios. For example in this installation it creates a voluptuous corner. The geometrical logic and complexity of the structure are designed into the piece prior to production. The material Tyvek was selected for its unique elastic strength. Ultimately a plethora of diamond shaped cells is individually calibrated to create the overall form. As the structure expands the cells deform uniquely in accordance with the overall structural intent.

focus: pleated structure as exhibition spectacle, negative and positive edge conditions
location: ViennaFAIR, Vienna, Austria
team: Lisa Sommerhuber, Alexandra Graupner, Kristy Balliet, Rupert Zallmann, Melina Girardi, Emanuel Tornquist, Kyla Farrell, Vojislav Dzukic
client: University of Applied Arts, Vienna
building area: 18 sqm
program: art fair installation
date: May 2010


CORNER PIECE The pleated structure is in a negative corner space, continuously switching between positive and negative edge conditions.


INSTALLATION VIENNAFAIR Visitors observe Spikloud suspended from an aluminium frame in the exhibition space. [ photos by Pia Clodi ]


FULLY PARAMETRIC DIGITAL MODEL A simulation of the behaviour of the waffle structure between two control surfaces. Inputs: adjustable layer orientation, control curves, cell size Outputs: surface unfolds for production, drawings, automatic listing of material requirements.


MAK GARDEN INSTALLATION Spikloud was unfolded and reinstalled in a new configuration as an event roof for Architecture Live & Raimund Abraham’s
memorial day in the garden of the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Wien, June 2010.


UNDULATED SURFACE Stretched as a sail on an aluminum frame, the voluptous form floats above the landscape.