29 November 2014

Could one machine copy an other machines behavior?


‘Flight Forms’ revisits early 90’s animation ideas in architecture in the Robotic Simulation environment of Sci-Arc. Inspired Muybridges studies, moving bodies in space our initial starting point was a ‘drone’ that can independently fly. Based on its motion, nature of behavior momentum we have created a 3d visual catalog, a motion library. This collection of motion than got placed in the robotic simulation environment where the flight path were used in controlled way to generate forms. Using multiple film and masking tricks the drones were populated to formations operating in synchronous flight…

focus: machine behavior
team: Al Ataide, Peter A Vikar
robot support: Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto
program: research in quad-copter and robotic motion
music: Mount Kimbie-Ruby,
Richard Wagner-Rise of the Valkyries
date: 2011 winter term in Studio Spina, Sci-Arc, Los Angeles