16 November 2014

How could a large wireframe beachball float?


The pleasurable climate of Southern California has fostered the development of unique architectures and domestic environments. At the scale of the residence and small residential enclaves, the swimming pool plays a unique role, anchoring a lifestyle that is rarely forced to retreat indoors. Fluid and easily formed, the pool fits loosely into almost any space. The water introduces trans-formative effects into the residence that through color, reflection, and dynamic movement transform backyards into spaces of leisure and courtyards into hidden lounges. This installation seeks to augment and intensify those effects to explore the potential for the pool to organize the space of the
residence, sponsoring new forms of visual and physical engagement with the pool.

focus: rotating pop-up pool installation
location: Palm Springs, OnTheRoad exhibition series
in-collaboration with: David Freeland, Mark Lyons
material: PVC pipes, poolnoodles, zipties
program: temporary pool installation
date: 2014 Spring